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At Square Scrub, we are all about making sure you get the maximum return on your investment. Square Scrub offers a wide variety of Pads, Plates, Screens, Papers and more. Customers can rent a machine one weekend to sand their deck or hardwood floors and come back the next weekend to clean their tile and grout floors. Contractors can rent a machine one weekend to polish terrazzo and the next weekend rent it to prepare their VCT floors. Offering your company consistent rental opportunities while only stocking just one machine.


 It's that versatile.

EBG Series Floor Preparation Machines

EBG Series Floor Preparation Machines

EBG-18/P EBG-18/R

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Our machines are truly American Made. The 10 gauge steel used in our frame comes from Arkansas. That same steel is fabricated just a few minutes from our factory where the machines are assembled by hand. Our motor is made in Wisconsin.


Every machine we build is quality tested and inspected because we care about the reputation of American Made products.  We know that having a machine down costs you potential income. That is just another reason we strive to build a sturdy,

hard-working, solid machine that is BUILT TO LAST!!


Combine all of that with a 3-Year Limited Warranty and you know you have a machine that will hold up to whatever comes its way.


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While our machines are dependable and built to last, we know that you will need support. The rental world can be tough on machines. Don't worry, we've got your back. Our technical team is here to troubleshoot and offer assistance with whatever situation may arise. Even something as simple as advice on how to approach a particular type of floor. Support is just a phone call away.

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Point. Squeeze. Go.


Let’s face it, some of the machines out there look like you need a specialized certification to run them. Not with the Square Scrub. Not only is it easy to operate but every process is simple and straightforward. It's easy to train your renter to use our machine. Anyone can do it! Even if your customer has never operated a floor machine, they can just visit our main website for step by step instructions and "how-to" videos and the are on their way to beautiful floors!


User Friendly

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You and your customers can rest assured that they are renting a safe machine.

All of our machines are ETL/CSA/CE Listed.

It takes months and months of rigorous testing to become ETL/CSA/CE certified. But to us, it was worth the added effort to make sure that when someone uses our machine, they have a machine they know they can count on.


Not only that, accessories like our HEPA Dry Vac kit are safe too. It is HEPA rated helping to minimize the amount of airborne particles your customers breathe in when they work.


Who would want to use any other machine?



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